On the Morality of Eating “Anencephalic” Infants

On the last weekend of May 2011, Diana Hsieh discussed the morality of eating “anencephalic” children, during her podcast conducted from ATLOSCon, at which she was a featured lecturer. In early June, Hsieh reported on her blog about her ATLOSCon participation and became engaged in a debate concerning her podcast statements on this topic in the comments section of her blog post. Many members of the Objectivist community, ourselves included, found her statements disturbing and not compatible with the normative principles of Objectivism.

Hsieh’s Podcast from ATLOSCon:

Hsieh’s Blog report (The relevant statements can be found in the “Comments”):http://blog.dianahsieh.com/2011/06/report-from-atloscon.html